As a practicer of smart logistics, Seuic is committed to pushing the intelligence of logistics enterprises with efficient data collection. Seuic started from an infield scenario with the worst application environment and the most frequent usage through the mobile computer, and successfully solved the issues of improving manual working efficiency, optimizing actual operations, reducing enterprise operating costs, etc. Seuic wins customers' recognition and high RFID reader market share while improving the intelligence of logistics enterprises!

Logistics for the E-commerce Industry
As a practicer of smart logistics, Seuic is committed to pushing ...


JD Logistics

By using mobile computers, employees can accurately complete tasks such as receiving, warehousing, picking, and outbound by scanning mobile codes and batch codes, making inbound and outbound operations more efficient and precise.

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SF Express

Seuic customized handheld terminal based on CRUISE series has been successfully used in SF Express's outbound pick-up and delivery process. SEUIC provided customized solutions based on a thorough assessment of the client's needs and became a high-quality partner of SF with its high-quality products and services.

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