X4Pro Industrial Fixed Reader

X4Pro is a high-performance industrial code reader based on visual recognition technology designed specifically for dynamic barcode collection on medium to high speed assembly lines; Can recognize ultra small barcodes such as high-density laser engraving QR codes/label QR codes. X4Pro can be applied in scenarios such as SMT assembly line mobile code reading, assembly assembly line picking/assembly code reading, and packaging code assignment process code reading. The X4Pro features a 2 megapixel 1920 x 1080 high-resolution sensor, an autozoom lens, and a brand new multi-core processor, suitable for 90 degree vertical installation and code reading applications with easily reflective object surfaces. The X4Pro comes with a "Tune" one click quick coordination button, making offline debugging easier.


● New multicore image processing platform excellent for reading barcodes in motion up to 2 meters per second.

● Industrial grade electronic focus for extreme reading flexibility.

● 2 Megapixel sensor and high power illuminators for long range reading distances (65 mm~650 mm).

X4Pro Industrial Fixed ReaderX4Pro Industrial Fixed ReaderX4Pro Industrial Fixed ReaderX4Pro Industrial Fixed ReaderX4Pro Industrial Fixed ReaderX4Pro Industrial Fixed ReaderX4Pro Industrial Fixed ReaderX4Pro Industrial Fixed ReaderX4Pro Industrial Fixed Reader

CMOS image sensor with global shutter
Number of Pixels
1920 x 1080
Light Emitter
Light Source
High-intensity red/white LED and blue LED
Laser dual-point positioning aimer Class II
Focus Adjustment
Focus Adjustment
Reading Specifications
Supported Symbol
Code128, GS1 128, Code39, Code93, Codabar, 2 of 5 (Industrial 2 of 5), EAN/UPC
2D: QR, DataMatrix (ECC200), PDF417, Micro PDF417
Minimum Resolution
1D: 3.3mil
2D: 2.0mil
Reading Distance
65mm to 650mm
I/O Specifications
Control Input
Points: 2
Input Type: bidirectional voltage input
Maximum Rating: 30V
Minimum ON voltage: <4V
Maximum OFF Current: 0.001A
Control Output
Points: 3
Output Type: 2 optocoupler output; 1 relay output
Maximum Rating: 30V
maximum load current
1 output: 50 mA or less, 2-output total: 100 mA or less
Leakage current when OFF: 0.1 mA or less
Residual voltage when ON: 1 V or less
Supported Protocol: TCP Client, TCP Server, FTP, Profinet, MELSEC, Ethernet/IP, ModBusTcp(poll/slave), Fins
Serial Communication
Refer to the specifications for detailed parameters
Communication Standard: USB 2.0 full speed compliant
Environmental Resistance
Enclosure Rating
Ambient Temperature
0°C to 50°C
Ambient Storage Temperature
-20°C to 70°C
Relative Humidity
5 to 95% RH (No condensation)
Storage Ambient Humidity
5 to 95% RH (No condensation)
Ambient Light
0 to 10000 lux
Operating Environment
No dust or corrosive gas present
Power Supply Voltage
10 to 30VDC
Current Consumption
0.2 to 0.7 A
Approx.194.5 g
Dimensions (L x W x H)
72 mm x 52 mm x 40.5 mm
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